Trumpf® tools

Gennelli Allori is a company specializing in the production Trumpf® tools. We make the complete range of especially high-quality tools available to our customers.

Our Trumpf® die-punching tools stand out for their high degree of finish, strength and an unparalleled price-quality ratio. Our Trumpf® tools ensure that precise results are achieved, optimizing the performance of the punching machines.

We also have a wide range of special tools for the deforming and multi-drilling operations performed by CNC machines, offering the perfect solution to suit your needs and requirements.

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Design and production of Trumpf® punching tools 

Our production of Trumpf® tools offers both standard and special solutions, embracing our customers’ needs.
Our Trumpf® punching tools are compatible with most existing punching machines, giving you the assurance of very accurate and precise machining. It is only by using professional and reliable tools that products can be created smoothly and the entire production process can be optimized.

The high degree of finish of our punching tools enables high-precision operations to be carried out, positively affecting the machine’s performance levels.


Technologically-advanced solutions

For over 50 years, we have been providing design, manufacturing and tooling services to our customers for Trumpf® machines and more.
Over the years, we have specialized in tools with a high degree of finish, ensuring high performance in any application, not only in terms of the performance itself but also in terms of strength and durability.

To this end, we are constantly looking for new solutions that can meet the needs of an ever-changing market. By choosing to rely on our team of specialist engineers, you will be able to purchase a supply of punching machine tools in perfect line with current needs and with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

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