Technology tools

The range of Technology die punching tools is based on the collaboration between Gennelli Allori and FPL Trade – Technology, including a wide range of dies, die holders and multitools for Technology punching machines.

In particular, block-cutting dies, shears and lugs are made of interchangeable components, ensuring that results are achieved with high degrees of durability and finish. Moreover, the unrivalled price/quality ratio is the hallmark of all our punching lines for the processing of sheet metal and other metal carpentry parts.

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Technology tools for your every need

Our Technology tools are designed and manufactured to meet every need thanks to their high level of finish and particular technical solutions used.

By choosing to rely on our team, you will be able to purchase punching tools in perfect line with your machines, ensuring that you achieve high-performance levels in any application.


High-performance products

Gennelli Allori in collaboration with FPL Trade – Technology aims to offer a wide range of technologically advanced Technology tools for every type of application and need.

Our solutions go far beyond the traditional punching concept, offering every one of our customers the possibility of achieving high performance and durability, choosing products that are smooth and offer an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

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