Over the years, we have added custom design and manufacturing services to our in-house manufacturing service specializing in standard punching and sheet metal bending tools for bending machines and other sheet metal deformation machines.

We design and manufacture custom tools, making it possible for our customers to find the best solution for optimizing their production.

Some industries need tools with special specifications to implement their machines in the best possible way.

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We design special, tailor-made punching tools for:

  • Machining of heavy vehicle wheels;
    • Machining of truck chassis;
    • Machining of parts for earthmoving.


We design and manufacture special, tailor-made bending tools for:
• Ventilation flaps, deep-drawing, deep-drawn logos;
• deformations in single or double steps;
• Exchangeable dowels with TiCN and TiN-coating capability;
• Coupling: Promecam, Wila® and special.

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By choosing to rely on our in-house technical department, you can proceed with the adoption of carefully designed and manufactured tools to meet your needs and those of your industry.

We are constantly looking for new equipment and new types of manufacture to offer a 360° service that is completely in line with our clients’ needs.

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