Special tools for punching

Over the years, we have developed a solid “know-how”, which allows us to design and manufacture tailor-made special punching tools, offering our customers solutions in perfect line with their specific needs. We manufacture multitools, shears, pressing parts and other special components for both low-turret and high-turret punches.

In particular, we are active in designing and manufacturing customized tools for:

  • Processing of heavy-duty vehicle wheels;
  • Processing of chassis for trucks;
  • Machining of parts for earth movement;
  • Molds for deep-drawn logos;
  • Molds for engraved logos.

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Multitools for punching machines

Speed plays a major role in any production process, which is why the right compromise between efficiency and speed must be reached for operations that are highly precise and, at the same time, capable of reducing processing time.

Along this line, the adoption of multitools brings with it several benefits, both from the point of view of efficiency and from the point of view of reducing the time and costs of individual operations.

By choosing our multitools, you can change tools quickly and accurately, significantly reducing the time of the entire production process while maintaining a high level of performance.

TiCN and TiN coated

Our service for manufacturing tools includes the potential application of specific treatments such as TiCN and TiN coating.

In particular, TiN (titanium nitride) coating is one of the most widely used for the processing of alumiunium. This coating makes the tools more resistant and durable, increasing both efficiency and speed of use.

TiCN (Titanium Carbo-Nitride) coating, on the other hand, is the optimal solution for processing stainless steel while avoiding the sticking of small fragments on tools.


Choose your punching tools

By relying on our technical department, you will get the help you need to create punching tools that meet the specific technical needs of your industry.

We offer tailor-made design and manufacturing services to our customers, backed by constant support that meets their needs.

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