Thanks to our experience in the industry, we provide our customers with punching tools made using certified materials for application in CNC machines for punching, deforming and threading sheet metal.
In particular, we specialize in the production of punches and dies, facilitating punching, countersinking and deburring processes and achieving flawless operations in line with established quality standards.
The quality of our products has established us as the sector’s leading manufacturer in the Italian market, allowing us to export our solutions abroad.
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Amada® style tools are characterized by their excellent degree of finish and their particularly high durability, thanks to our quality standards. In particular, among the Amada® punches we can highlight the EV flash range tools and the EVX flash punch-holders.


Gennelli Allori is a company active in the manufacturing of Trumpf® hole-punching tools, making the complete range of particularly high-quality tools available to its customers. Our Trumpf® hole-punching tools stand out for their high degree of finish, high strength and an unparalleled price-quality ratio.


The range of die-punching tools from Technology stems from the cooperation between Gennelli Allori and PL Trade - Technology. It includes a large assortment of dies, die holders and multitools for Technology punching machines. Block cutting dies, shear and lugs are made of interchangeable components, ensuring results with a high degree of durability and finish.


Gennelli Allori offers our clients the complete range of dies for single-zone punching machines, turret punching machines (both in mm and thick turret sizes) and Rainer punching machines. Our Rainer punching tools stand out for their high degree of finish and durability, and suit any type of requirement.


We offer a wide range of multitool products for Amada® Style coupling punching machines, which will increase the performance of reference machines, thereby reducing times in the entire production process. Using multitools reduces tool change times and improves handling, thanks to their small size and ability to rotate from 0° to 360°, allowing work to be carried out at any angle.


In addition to the production and sale, we manufacture accessories and punching equipment such as APS 2000 automatic grinders, tool sharpening gripping equipment, tools for dismantling dies, workbenches, tool chests and turret guide keys.
By choosing our extensive assortment of accessories and equipment, you can also purchase tool cabinets.

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Our solutions meet the needs of every manufacturer thanks to their extreme versatility and their degree of compliance with most machines on the market today.
However, to provide an experience that is more in line with specific needs, we have also developed tailor-made design and production services for special tools.
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