Gennelli Allori is involved in the production of tools for bending and punching machines.

Our production covers a wide range of Amada®, Finn Power, Prima Power, Rainer, Trumpf®, Technology, Salvagnini, Wiedemann Euromac tools. Moreover, we manufacture custom-made punch and die sets for bending presses with Amada® /Promecam, Schiavi, Beyeler, LVD and WILA couplings.

Our engineering department also designs and manufactures custom-made special tools for both bending and punching operations.

The hallmark of our tools is their high level of strength and durability, constituting efficient and high-quality instruments. By choosing our services, you will benefit both economically and in terms of performance.

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We are active in the industry with services for designing and custom-making punching tools. We have always focused on creating punching equipment that has been carefully designed in terms of precision and efficiency, and for this reason, we use only the best materials and treatments.




We are active in the custom design and manufacture of bending tools such as punch dies for press bending machines or for automatic machines with similar characteristics, and with any coupling system and model. Our tools are designed to provide the right support at the right time, making them a real benchmark over time.


Not just standard tools

Our in-house production service uses the best materials and treatments in production processes to maximize the accuracy and durability of the tools used.

In addition to the creation of tools with standard dimensions and features, we are specialized in the tailor-made design and creation of special tools to meet the needs of each of our customers.

We also design and manufacture customized accessories for punching and bending processes, and they are in perfect line with the required quality standards.

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