Amada® tools

Amada® style tools are characterized by their excellent degree of finish and their particularly high durability, thanks to our quality standards. We design and manufacture tools and components with Amada® punch dies to provide our customers with quality support when they need it most. In addition to both high and low-turret punching tools, we have special punching tools and punch-holders to ensure high performance, while also allowing the extractor tools in the stations to be rapidly and effectively replaced.

In particular, among the Amada® punches we can highlight the Lampo EVX and the Lampo EV range tools.

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Lampo EV range tools and Lampo EVX punch-holders

Among the Amada® die tools, we can distinguish between the Lampo EVX range and the Lampo EV punch-holders, both available in Standard and Lubricated versions (Air blow).
The use of both tools is facilitated by simple and practical adjustments, allowing high-speed standards to be achieved, saving considerable management of time in machine set-up operations, and making the tool set easier.

Our Amada® tools remain compatible with commercially-available sheet metal punches and dies. Moreover, anti-seize and anti-oxidant surface treatments also contribute to the creation of an excellent product.
We can also guarantee a wide range of technical solutions for the production of special deforming and multi-drilling dies, offering the right solution for every need.


Product excellence

Our Amada® tools are designed and manufactured to deliver high levels of performance in terms of strength and durability, whether in contact with abrasive materials or in tensile applications. They also allow very precise and careful processes to be carried out, avoiding the sort of micro-chipping that often leads to cutting problems at the edge of the sheet metal.

Our Amada® tools stand out both for their high degree of finish and for their unrivalled price-quality ratio. We have always offered solutions that are defined in every detail, using state-of-the-art machinery from a team of professionals.

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