Punch-tool accessories

In addition to the production and sale of punching tools, we manufacture punching equipment and accessories such as:

  • APS 2000 automatic grinder;
  • Holding equipment for grinding tools;
  • Tool for removing dies;
  • Workbench;
  • Tool chests;
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic clamps, Stopper plates and subpanel plates;
  • Tower guide keys.

All of our accessories and equipment are designed to improve machine performance and have a positive impact on the entire production process.

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Tool cabinets

By choosing our extensive assortment of accessories and equipment, you can also purchase tool cabinets, designed to meet all your needs, even for the smallest of spaces.

In particular, our standard tool cabinets have the following features:

  • 2 fixed shelves;
  • 4 shelf units for whole tools;
  • 2 continuous shelves for fractionated tools;

The vertical sliding drawers are also equipped with height-positionable tool holders, which stand out for their extreme capacity for use. These supports can also be used for whole or fractionated tools.

fornitura-accessori-banchi di-lavoro-per-punzonatrici

Choose the right tool for your punching machine

The use of the right accessories, therefore, makes it easier to maintain and manage the entire tool fleet, thereby ensuring a reduction in working time.

For this reason, we must carefully choose the accessory with which to implement our punching machines, ensuring extremely careful and highly accurate work. By relying on our extensive range and our team’s advice, you can easily find the right equipment for you.

Contact us for more information and to receive support from our technical department. We will provide the support you need for every step of the process.