Gennelli Allori Srl

Gennelli Allori Srl was founded in Bologna in 1967 and immediately moved toward the research and development of solutions for implementing company manufacturing processes.
We are, in fact, a manufacturer of tools, equipment and accessories for CNC industrial machines such as bending presses and punching machines.



From the very beginning, we have been looking for innovative solutions to give our customers the support they need. Visit our history section to learn more.


Over the years, our company has combined industry knowledge, a willingness to change, and ongoing research to create new solutions that can improve the performance of our customers’ production processes.

A forward-thinking company

Since the early years, our company has set itself the goal of achieving the definition of tool-building processes for the production of instruments of superior quality, as per the required performance levels. In this manner, we ensure that high-performance operations are achieved in terms of both efficiency and affordability.
Choosing us as your go-to reality for the purchase of tools, equipment and accessories for your industrial machines is a solid “know-how” forged by years of research and development in the industry.


The right support for every industry

Our production of tools for industrial machines covers several industrial sectors, providing a benchmark for obtaining precise and accurate processing in every single detail.
From furniture to the household appliances industry to the lighting sector and the building façades sector, our tools can be applied and fit the majority of punching machines and bending presses currently on the market.




Find the right tools

We are active in the production and sale of tools for industrial bending and punching machines with customized construction services tailored to the needs of your business.
By choosing our company’s professionalism, you will be able to rely on our solid and experienced “know-how”.
Contact us for more information and to request a detailed quote. Our team will be at your complete disposal.