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Amada Style

The range of Amada Style tools is the most complete way to meet our customers' needs. In fact, these tools are distinguishable from others because of their high quality finish and the quality standards which give them a particularly long life with an incomparable ratio between quality and price.
In particular the tools of LAMPO EV line and the LAMPO EVX punch holders differ from the others.

Tools of the Lampo EV Line and the Lampo EVX punch holders
Both are adjustable and available in Standard and Lubricated (Air Blow) Versions.
The simple and functional adjustment of the punches allows speed and economical in the machine set-up operations, making the management of the tool park easy. The compatibility with punches and black holders already on the market is guaranteed and the anti-seizing and antioxidant surface treatment gives the product excellent features.
A vast range of technical solutions offers special dies for deformation and multiple drilling to meet every requirement guaranteeing optimal performances in terms of quality and cost.

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